Cotton gloves

Cotton Gloves Usage Cotton gloves help to keep hands clean and protect against abrasions which can be commonly found in construction sites. It offers moderate protection against concentrated chemicals but not against sharp objects. Can you reuse them? Yes with regular maintenance, you can. Some are machine-washable but some needs to be washed by hands. […]

Cotton Hand Gloves

Introduction Cotton gloves come in handy especially in the working industries.  The workplace can create many hazards for your hands, whether from chemicals, cuts or burns. One single cotton hand glove cannot provide the protection for every single work situation out there. About Cotton gloves They are a cool and absorbent but also have other […]

White Cotton Gloves

Introduction Our White Cotton Gloves works exceptionally well in both the professional industry and household cotton gloves. They prove usefulness in applications like inspections, examination, hygiene, polishing, photograph handling, cooking and food use. Importance of a gloves Our hand is our most important tool. However, our workplace can create many hazards for them. Unfortunately, one single […]

Cotton Gloves Singapore – Rockwell

Description of Cotton Gloves Cotton Gloves are cheap and reliable in Singapore due to the natural material used for making it. The gloves have long last durability and protection for the hand from scratch. The cotton glove has been demand and improves to meet the demand of user. Such as protection, waterproof, cut resistance, keeping […]

Cotton Gloves in Singapore

Cotton Glove in Singapore What is Cotton Gloves mainly use for? Cotton gloves is mainly used for protecting your hand and skin while carrying hard surfaces such as wood logs. You can get them from almost everywhere be it in Singapore or Malaysia. There are types of gloves with measurements known as Gram per Square Meter […]