Are you ready to start your next Singapore construction endeavour? No matter the project, chances are you will probably need an excavator. When most people think of an excavator, there are only one or two uses that come to mind. Did you know that excavators can actually be used for a variety of projects? Read on to find out how you can use an excavator in your Singapore construction project.

Excavators are generally used for moving large objects, and because of this they have a small cab and a set of arms powered by a hydraulic system. First, there are a few different types of excavators that are specially made for different types of work:

‘Excavator’ is a broad term for a piece of machinery used for all kinds of purposes! Here are some common uses for excavators:

Now that you know the many different uses for an excavator, you may have realised that you needed one all along! Excavators are a great piece of machinery to use on both small and large projects. Contact us today if you need an excavator rental in Singapore.


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