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There are some situations in life that require specialist equipment that the average homeowner or contractor may not have. An excavator is one of those useful machines that can save lots of time in a project. When you find yourself in need of an excavator, it’s a good idea to know how much to expect to pay for a rental. This reduces your chance of being overcharged for the service.

Read on to find out the different factors that go into pricing an excavator rental:

What To Consider When Renting An Excavator

Some main factors to consider when renting an excavator is the location of the built site, the type and model of the excavator, the size and power of the excavator, and the amount of time you will be renting it for.

How Much For An Excavator Rental?

The general amount that you can expect to pay is from $150-$1500 US per day for an excavator rental, but this amount can be more specific once a few things are determined. First, figure out what type of excavator you need. If you need a mini-excavator, you are looking at around $200-500 per day, while larger heavy duty models (mostly used for mining) can cost up to $3000 per day.

If you are looking to rent something in the middle, aim for $400-$1200 per day. Second, consider how long you need to rent the machine for. If you can combine projects or get all excavation work done at one time, you may be able to save money on the rental. Keep in mind that many companies will offer discounts on the daily rental price if you choose to rent by the week or month instead.

So, if you need to rent an excavator and don’t know how to operate one, what do you do? Often you can also hire an operator with your excavator at an average rate of $20-$50 per hour. Always check to see if this price, along with the machine delivery fee, is included in the rental price or not. Delivery of an excavator can be an extra charge of around $3 per mile, and will be counted from the warehouse to the construction site.

Finally, consider any accessories you may need for your excavator. Most companies will treat these as separate rentals, and these can charge anywhere from $50-$800 per day depending on the attachment.

Once you take into account the factors above, you are ready to rent an excavator in Singapore.

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