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Excavator Rental – Rockwell

Excavator Rental from Rockwell

Considering the fact that you are reading this article, you are probably from the construction industry and are looking for excavator rentals. If that is the case, please continue reading on. If your business is operating in Singapore, that’s a piece of very good news because Rockwell Engineering & Equipment Pte. Ltd. provides affordable and reasonable rates on excavator rental.

 Rockwell Engineering & Equipment Pte. Ltd - Excavator Rental Company
 Rockwell Engineering & Equipment Pte. Ltd – Excavator Rental Company

Our company specializes in rental and procurement of construction equipment and materials. We have a wide range of excavators up to your choosing. You should select the excavator as according to your needs and requirements.

Excavators is a crucial equipment in construction sites in order to carry out digging and high land removal works. However, it is very costly to purchase an excavator, not to mention the regular maintenance costs that you would need to pay. That is why, rent one from Rockwell Engineering & Equipment Pte. Ltd instead.

Things to Keep In Mind for Excavator Rental

  1. Period of Rental

Estimate and calculate the duration of your project before renting in order not to spend unnecessary additional rental costs! Elaborate and create a timeline of your project before renting.

2. Research on the Excavators

Prior renting, do some research on the excavators and find one that fits your projects and look at its specifications. For example, renting a smaller excavator for smaller sites with limited manoeuvrability. Otherwise, you will face troubles manoeuvering around the site with a large excavator. In addition, you will spend additional money as it is likely that a cheaper excavator can perform your task.

If you are still unsure after your researches, contact us for clarifications and advises.\

You may view our full list of excavator available for rental here.

If you require any clarifications, please contact us via here or the following channels:

Tel: +65-6464 9347
Address: 24 Tuas Avenue 8 Singapore 639239

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With over 20 skilled operators, we guarantee prompt assistance and smooth site operations with our well-maintained machinery. Contact us now for inquiries and reliable service!

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