Every construction job, large or small, will need special equipment to get the job done efficiently and precisely. While some jobs require large pieces of heavy machinery, others may only need smaller machines excavators. No matter what type of machine you are using, you want it to be in good condition, safe to use, and a good price in order to keep your work site free from danger and setbacks. So, when choosing somewhere to rent an excavator from, how do you make sure these criteria are met?

One of the first things to look for is machines that are taken care of and tested regularly. When you rent an excavator, it is the rental company’s responsibility to make sure their machines are safe to use. This should include advising you on the best practices for using their machines and the attachments that come with them. Remember, a machine that is not well maintained can become a safety hazard, so make sure that your rental company uses certified parts and repair shops.  

Second, look for the brand and age of excavator that you will be renting. Reputable rental companies should carry well known brands, and ideally should have the latest machines offered by those brands. Excavators should be replaced by the company every four to eight years, so check to see how long the current machines have been in service. Not only does this keep your job site safe, it also helps you get the job done faster with the latest technology.

Finally, your Singapore excavator rental company should be knowledgeable and friendly when providing service to you. This includes everything from timely delivery, to solving equipment malfunctions, to giving advice on which machines may work best for which tasks, to showing concern about the safety of you and those on your worksite.

Now that you know what to look for in an excavator rental company, it is easy to see these positive traits at Rockwell. Contact us today to see for yourself!

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