Be an excavator operator when working in the industry? Do you have what it takes to take this Job?

Becoming one would be a difficult path for you to choose as in reality, it takes a lot of effort. Also, more responsibility when handling the excavator.

You have to make sure to take proper care when you’re using it for construction purposes. Not only that but you need to study an engineering course to learn how to operate the excavator itself. This will take many years for you to master this skill and you need training as well. Most importantly you need working experience if you want to apply for that job position in the future.

You want to be an excavator operator when you grow up. If you are born with natural talent then it might be possible to achieve this dream. Here is a true story in china about a 3-year-old boy who can operate a toy excavator effectively without any help. You can find out the post from south china post on YouTube.

Youyou (the 3-year-old boy) was able to use the vehicle easily by running it smoothly during his first time using it. Zheng ( Youyou’s father) was the one who built it for him when stopped to look at his son playing with an excavator toy.

Youyou learn very quickly in 1 week to operate the excavator making him an excavator pro. His father never taught him how to use the control sticks or how to drive them. He let his son explore on his own and he self-taught himself by practicing the excavator repeatedly several times. Even memorized what he had just learned in 1 week, while his father to 1 month to master it.

Even though he was little, they ensure that the vehicle was safe rather than dangerous. He also had guidance from his father to make sure he was safe at all times.

It doesn’t matter if you are talented or a slow learner. What matter is if this is your dream to become an excavator. I think that you should go for it.

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