What Is A Forklift?

Do you even know what is a forklift and what is the purpose of using it? Does anyone know what it is and where can you operate it when doing work? Can it be used for construction industries? In my opinion for people who never used one or seen it up close in real life. […]

Importance of using cotton gloves

Importance of cotton gloves Cotton gloves are used in the old era and they are normally used for special occasion like open car doors for VIP to prevent the car door from being damaged. While it might be weird or suspicious to see someone who are wearing cotton gloves in normal occasion, it is like […]

All about cotton gloves

Introduction to cotton gloves Cotton gloves are used for performing quality inspections from valeting to handling of materials. There are 6 types of cotton gloves which ideally suited for different scenarios. What exactly is a cotton glove? The 6 types of cotton gloves are String gloves – Common type of gloves found in the market […]


What is a Bulk bag? Bulk bags are designed to transport one metric ton of material will itself only weigh 5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg). Transporting and loading are done on either pallet or by lifting it from the loops. These bags are like other FIBC bags, and it is used for storing goods as well as transporting […]

Cotton Gloves Supplier

Cotton Glove Supplier If you need to buy bulks of cotton gloves for your company, buy them from a trusted cotton glove supplier. By having these gloves, it is very useful to many workers as they can do work fast and well. It helps you to have a better grip when holding onto rough materials and […]