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Bulk bags

Introduction to a bulk bag

Storing construction materials and other bulky materials is usually what bulk bags are used for. It can also carry up to 1000 kg of heavy materials. Rockwell ensures to provide quality products for their clients.

Bulk bags

Purpose of a bulk bag

It is to transport heavy materials from place to place without and also help to save manpower.

The material used to make bulk bags

Bulk bags can be made of polypropylene. It is also used for storing construction materials, chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, grains and more.

How much can they weigh?

They can carry up to 1000 kg of heavy materials and the bag itself weighs about 800g.

Types of bulk bags

There are 2 types of bags Rockwell provides, they are in size 85 * 85 * 75cm and 90 * 90 * 100cm. They also weigh about 800g – 1.1kg per bag and can carry up to 1000kg of materials. Rockwell is constantly ensuring our products are of good quality. We also ensure that it is made to be durable.


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