bulk bag

Bulk Bag, also known as FIBC Bag or Jumbo Bag is an economical and ideal packing used for the storage & transportation of powdered, granulated or bulk products.

Benefits of Bulk Bags

The Best Bulk Bag for you

Extra protection needs

Consider duffel top bags or baffled bags.

Filling needs

Think about whether your operations require extra speed and accuracy in filling bulk bags. You should also consider whether minimizing product losses due to spillage is a high priority. If so, consider investing in spout top bags that can direct the flow of product for a more efficient filling process all around.

Load size and shape

When you’re choosing bulk bags, you should also consider the size and shape of the loads they are likely to carry. If loads are bulky and irregularly shaped, think about open top bags, which allow for more flexibility by letting products stick out or slightly overfill the bag as needed.

Stacking and space-filling needs

If you have limited for your goods or your product volumes are high, your operations require that your bags stack in efficient cubes with minimal space. If so, consider baffled bags, since their sturdy reinforcing panels allow the bags to maintain regular cubic shapes that stack easily.

Pros from using Bulk Bag

Good Static Electricity Control

Statics may damage some products, hence, it is vital to remove any electrical charge during packaging and transportation. They are also equipped to combat static generated from the imbalance of electrical charges in some materials. With this property, you can store and transport your materials without worries.


There are different lifting structures in the bag and thus, storing the bags are simple.

Marketing Purposes

The bags are large and have ample space to display labels or essential information. These bags can act as a form of marketing when done.

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