Lifespan and Inspection of Mini Excavators Machine

Purpose of this content

Without having a knowledge on how well a mini excavators can last, may slow down your progress as you do not know how to estimate for when the machine will stop working.

Therefore, in this content, you will gain a very interesting facts and know the lifespan and ways to inspect the machine to analyse the health of the machine.

Lifespan of a Mini Excavators

Machines are in good condition, well inspection and fixing, and in high-grade standard will most likely have a longer lifespan which will last for around 10,000 hours use. Poor management, massive use can easily grade down to about 8,000 hours use.

When browsing for a second-hand mini excavators, it would be recommended to pick up machines which is made in the last three years, which ideally have a lifespan of 2,000 hours use.

This will give the advantage for the latest technology, left-over useful life, and a sufficient saving cost over the new version.

Awareness and Inspection of picking up used mini excavators

Main Stress Point

Sign of Damages

The first move for analyzing the mini excavators is to verify a visual inspection long for sign of critical damage or mistreated maintenance. You may begin from inspecting the boom and the body for bend, broken, and other damage.

These shows a sign that the shape of the machine has been deform, and also beware to analyse for repair welds at the main stress points, and the fresh paint job may cover up those critical damaged body problems.

Connection Points


Move on, have a thorough check on the connection points all-over the bucket, stick, and boon. These connection point must be tough, and with no movement. The related pins and bushings must also be steady.

In scenario of not steady

In a scenario where they are not stable and tighten just because they are missed of lubrication and improper management, then it will definitely have a huge loss in accuracy in between bucket place and the stick position.

Also find if there is any cracks all-over the connection point as these can be in high-risk for use.


Scalloping shape between the teeth on the back of the bucket

It is just hugely advised to focus the scalloping shape between the teeth on the back of the bucket. Scalloping can be mainly affecting the cutting-force of the machine bucket.

Bending of the bucket

Be aware to look under the bucket for how bad the bending is, in case there is any present, it would signify the machines was sued for project beyond its stated capacity. This may have a sign of critical damaging or compromised the machine, please avoid any machines that have this kind of injury and mismanaged.

Cost of replacing tracks

Move on, focus on the tracks. Normally, changing tracks could cost you around $400 to $3,000, in case of the tracks are more than 50% damage is it best to consider on picking another mini excavators.

Please also be mindful for the treads for in-equivalent damage example like cracks or wear, if so, this shows a sign of tough damage on the mechanical and it could cost you a huge sum of money to repair.

Hydraulic Leaks

Continue, you could check on the hydraulic leaks from the final drive seals by checking for fluid on the or the back of the sprocket. Lastly, take a short check at the damage of the sprockets: the teeth must be straight and flat and should not be pointed.

Rustiness of undercarriage

You are hugely encouraged to analyse on how rusty is the undercarriage, damage, and the cost of repairing. This would you help to prevent on buying machine which are owned by the previously abusive owner. Be reminded to focus on the undercarriage as it could cost 50% of the maintenance cost.

Engine Health

To easily find out the engine health, you would to verify the wear of the belts, scratch or cracked lines. Leaks could cost you to spend a lot of money to fix, to prevent this, do a thorough check for leaks which is at the top of the engine.


For the existence of the soot, which shows the needs for a major engine overhaul. Check the engine oil whether is it in dark color and thick if so, it could lead to poor maintenance. When you checking at the engine, take a tough check on the battery for corrosion.

Leaks around the Hydraulic Pump

Continue, find the leaks around the hydraulic pump, and also the hydraulic hoses and lines. Check for seepage at the stick and boom cylinders, See all the service compartments, and be sure the latches work. Be mindful that compartments filled with debris could cost less than optimum repairing.

Steps and Grab irons

Lastly, look for the steps and grab irons, they be tight and secure, and not bent. Be sure that ROPS and the other personnel safety tools are in the original place, and it could show a bad sign if safety decals could not be found.

When finished visual inspection, it will be recommended to have an operational inspection. Begin from cranking up the mini excavators, then simulating a few typical digging repeating step.

Test the bucket

Swing the boom back and forth, open and close the bucket, and extend the stick longer. Please be minded that you are inspecting the looseness and inaccuracy.


In Order to analyse the tract, move the boom to the side and anchor it using the machine bucket. Lift Up the machine and run the track that is elevated. It must rotate smoothly, and be free of missing chunk, dry rot, or cut.


Try and do the same thing for the other track and inspect the undercarriage. Control the machine to move upward and backward, then rotate to left and right. For this you are analyzing for smoothness of the control and the backup alert.


Base on expert, it is recommended that you should rotate the house for around one quarter of a turn to have a check for play. Rotation must work during the brake also. You analyzing for hesitations and responsiveness – it could signify a wear or damaged slew ring.

Slew Ring

Please don’t waste time on checking other part once you saw the slew ring is damaged as it could cost a higher price for repairing. Lastly, control the back fill blade up and down, and also carry the front of the machine with it. It will show you how smoothness it is without hesitation or skips

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