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Cotton gloves

Cotton Gloves Usage

Cotton gloves help to keep hands clean and protect against abrasions which can be commonly found in construction sites. It offers moderate protection against concentrated chemicals but not against sharp objects.

Cotton gloves

Can you reuse them?

Yes with regular maintenance, you can. Some are machine-washable but some needs to be washed by hands.

Why are they necessary in our daily life?

Cotton gloves helps to grip the items that you are handling better. There are 2 types of cotton gloves, the coated plain cotton glove and PVC dotted glove.

It is also used in inspection in automotive, manufacturing, and assembly industries as they don’t leave finger prints. They prevent contamination of oils and moisture from your skin and will not leave a scratch or damage any parts.

Where to buy cotton gloves in Singapore?

You can get them anywhere in the market but if you are looking for good quality cotton gloves, why not try ours instead. We deal with equiments from day to day thus, we ensure that the gloves we are wearing provide long lasting durability and is able to carry essential protection even after long usage.  you are looking for bulk purhases.

Gloves that we provide and it’s sizes

At Rockwell, we provide 2 types of gloves.

Glove A:

  • 750 GSM Per Dozen
  • Suitable for all forms of work
  • More durable than 700 GSM

Glove B:

  • 700 GSM Per Dozen
  • Suitable for all forms of work
  • Popular market GSM

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